Giving and managing access to external users

Giving and managing access to external users

Giving and managing access to external users

SynerBee for external users

Some information you would like to exchange with people who are not employees of your organisation. This is often an inefficient (partly) manual process or simply impossible.

Almost every company deals with external users. These may be temporary employees, such as agency or hired workers. But also customers, auditors or supervisors. And these can also be specific user groups. In education, for example, you have to deal with parents, course participants or exchange students. 

Giving them access to certain information or systems is very convenient. Setting up this process digitally with SynerBee achieves efficiency, customer satisfaction and security.

The benefits for you

  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Automatic and effective
  • Minimal investment

SynerBee for external users in a nutshell:

Gain customer-friendly user access

With SynerBee, external users are invited by your organization in style and can easily register themselves. Login is secure and easy using SSO and MFA.

Automatic grant or revoke profile-specific access

External users are quickly granted or denied access to the right data based on their user profile. SynerBee offers a central overview, shared with managers via reports.

Secure, accurate and GDPR compliant

As the remote user registers and consents to the processing of personal data, the GDPR standards are met, and therefore less chance of registration errors.

Innovation in the simplicity of signing up

Registration processes to give external users access are often manual with forms and on-side identification. Or with inefficient, insecure and errorprone administration processes, with data being mailed around or copied, for example.

There is often no escape from this as the organization enters the registration. Funny really, because this offers neither the external user nor the organization any benefits, but additional work. 

With SynerBee, this is approached differently. External users receive a representative invitation and can register themselves in a very user-friendly way. They then have quick access to relevant information to move forward. Think, for example, of temporary workers who can start quickly. Moreover, you have a quick, time and cost-saving, careful registration in accordance with the GDPR, and a satisfied customer.

SynerBee for external users

How it works:

  • Stay up-to-date and in control of external user access management
  • Optimize process, security and become GDPR compliant
  • Offer a user-friendly and customer focused solution to external users
  • Get a scalable and flexible solution that moves with your business

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