Benefits Security

Benefits Security

SynerBee for employees

SynerBee was developed with security as an important starting point. This makes SynerBee a reliable solution that helps you securely set up access management and meet security requirements. 

With SynerBee you don't have to worry about this. For example, there are standard reports that provide exactly that insight that is important for having security related to access management. With the help of a clear dashboard, all statistics and user activities are tracked.  

SynerBee also offers the possibility to adjust or revoke access rights. This limits the risks of data leakage, for example.

SynerBee provides security

SynerBee was developed by Cyber Security experts with security as a prerequisite. Your data is well protected. Moreover, with SynerBee you get a grip on access management from one secure central point.    

SynerBee provides risk mitigation

As the joiner-mover-leaver process is automated based on someone's role or department, unauthorized access or data leakage is limited. Access can also be revoked immediately in an emergency situation.

SynerBee contributes to GDPR compliancy

SynerBee offers 24/7 insight into the most important KPIs for access management for, among other things, audits and compliance with the GDPR with standard reports. This saves work and costs.

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