Benefits IT

Benefits IT

SynerBee for employees

SynerBee provides a central point to manage anything related to access management in a very user friendly way. At a glance you have a view of the most important issues such as employees joining and leaving the company, role management, and you can easily make adjustments. Process automation gives you more control over the joiner-mover-leaver process of employees and saves a lot of time on registration work. It also makes the processes less error-prone and up-to-date, as manual steps are eliminated and changes are made immediately.


Less (adhoc) time on user support

For making adjustments such as access changes after job changes, forgotten passwords or distributing reports.

Saving time through automation

Changes to the HR system automatically ensure proper access to target systems. Outgoing employees are also automatically denied access.

Simplification of Microsoft Azure AD maintenance

Insight in license management and easily adding new applications, eliminates registrations in Microsoft Azure AD.

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