Benefits HR

Benefits HR

SynerBees for employees for HR

SynerBee offers a fast and secure way to ease the joiner and leaver process of employees through automation. At the touch of a button, a new employee is welcomed into the linked business applications. A new colleague is automatically given access to the right systems so that he/she can start working effectively immediately, and automatically receives a nice welcome e-mail.

This gives HR more time to focus on what really matters. And a new colleague is given a smooth onboarding experience.


SynerBee saves the HR department work and time.

Register a new employee only once, instead of in different systems. Moreover, there is no dependence on other departments. When an employee leaves the company, all rights are automatically revoked.

SynerBee contributes to employee satisfaction.

When employees join or change positions or departments, proper access to systems is quickly arranged. Thus, employees are not hindered in performing their work.

SynerBee helps when HR incidents or organizational changes arise.

In case of an HR related incident, all rights can be revoked immediately. Also, in case of a merge of departments, for example, access to systems for a large user group can be adjusted immediately.

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