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Corporation simplified

Properly and securely controlling access to data and applications is becoming increasingly important, but also more complex. The number of users and IT applications has grown and people work from home more often. As a result, the need for collaboration and data exchange is increasing. SynerBee helps organizations with these challenges. 

The central point to manage access for your business

SynerBee is the first full range 'Identity & Access management' (IAM) cloud solution for SME, Large Enterprise and small corporate organisations. Innovative, scalable, easy.

SynerBee for employees

With SynerBee, you make sure that a new employee registered in the HR system has immediate access to the right applications on their first day. The new employee and relevant departments are proactively informed. Upon leaving employment or in case of emergencies, access is immediately revoked. SynerBee is the central point to organize everything around users and their access to applications.

Why SynerBee?

SynerBee for employees offers benefits for HR, IT and Security. Check them out here.

SynerBee offers a quick way to ease the entry and exit process of employees.

  SynerBee is the central point to manage everything related to access management.

SynerBee was developed with safety as a key consideration.

With SynerBee you have all the basics of IAM in the full range with limited customization options. The stakeholder reports and notification automation keep you productive and everyone informed. The lean look and feel ensure the best user experience.

No time consuming or complication implementation processes anymore. With SynerBee IAM is available for all companies without the knowledge, time or resource available for long-lasting programmes. SynerBee is disrupting in the quick (online) activation. 

Due to its friendly pricing and efficient activation, SynerBee is suitable for SME and LE organizations. The unique Lite licences for employees without a laptop or email address, ensures that organizations with a large operational core can get a grip on all identities. makes use of cookies, want read our cookie statement?